Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keys, please!

I was discussing with a co-worker the other day about when I was a child I always thought having a lot of keys meant success and adulthood. My mother was the manager of a program that scheduled community classes in the local schools, because of this she had keys to all of the doors in all 10 of the public schools in my home town. I remember she had this special keychain that buckled and released in the middle so that she had everyday keys on one side and non-essentials on the other. Altogether that pile of metal had to be at least 5 pounds.

Clearly, I've always admired my momma. So when I got hired at KEXP I think, maybe secretly, my favorite thing was that I was given a whole set of keys. Being able to unlock a door feels powerful to me for some reason.

This is my last week as part of what we've dubbed "Team Hallway" here at KEXP, but what I'm mostly excited for in this moment? Adding yet another key to my collection.

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