Monday, January 14, 2013

Post Punk?

During the later years of my high school experience I became a punk. My friend said I was always that way, even when I liked Justin Timberlake more than anything else (eep!) I have always been a little rough around the edges, defiant and maybe, just maybe, a little bit mean. So finding music like The Distillers and A Global Threat was like water to my little duck feet. As I've gotten older, wiser and maybe a little bit nicer, I've expanded beyond being strictly punk rock. There is something about it that I so strongly identified with that I don't think I'll ever be able to shake those formative years. I still call myself a punk, which is perplexing to people as they judge my designer handbag and cutesy blog, but it's because I feel like I'll always be a punk, regardless if I choose to wear and listen to something else.

But of course when I'm decorating I immediately gravitate toward this punk rock state of mind. I love how rock and roll wheat pasted poster walls look. 

From: Ronn's Big Pile of Stuff: Why Paint When You Can Poster
Ronn's big pile of stuff was clearly mostly metal posters. Mine is clearly full of punk posters:

There is something kind of amazing to me how organic and raw it is build and layer poster on poster to get a collage that can only really be made with time. It takes years to get an awesome collection of show posters. I'm really looking forward to the space being something that can continue to grow.

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