Thursday, January 10, 2013

Office Space!

My year anniversary here at KEXP is coming up in March (on my birthday, to be exact!) If you've ever been to this wonderful place you probably noticed that we sit on each other a little bit. Most of the offices are crammed to brim, which leaves new hires like myself out in the hallway.

Team Hallway!
See what looks like an impossible hallway space to walk through behind us? Wrong. People walk through it still. It's safe to say that having your office in a hallway isn't ideal, but it's always been temporary. KEXP has some big moves on the horizon, including the biggest to Seattle Center in 2014.

Yep. 2014. One more year, oof!

Fortunately we've grown beyond-beyond capacity and we've had to annex a few departments to the Seattle Center Armory a little ahead of schedule. I say fortunately because that means team hallway is disbanding. In the next few weeks I will move into this spacious office:

Well you spacious as it can be. I'll be in this far right corner where my new office-mate Andy currently sits. Andy will be moving closer to the window and this prime real estate of a corner will be mine for the choosing.

ball not included
I am beyond excited to decorate this space! I have some wheat paste dreams already in the works and I'll be updating as the process gets started.

Happy 2013 to me!

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