Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keys, please!

I was discussing with a co-worker the other day about when I was a child I always thought having a lot of keys meant success and adulthood. My mother was the manager of a program that scheduled community classes in the local schools, because of this she had keys to all of the doors in all 10 of the public schools in my home town. I remember she had this special keychain that buckled and released in the middle so that she had everyday keys on one side and non-essentials on the other. Altogether that pile of metal had to be at least 5 pounds.

Clearly, I've always admired my momma. So when I got hired at KEXP I think, maybe secretly, my favorite thing was that I was given a whole set of keys. Being able to unlock a door feels powerful to me for some reason.

This is my last week as part of what we've dubbed "Team Hallway" here at KEXP, but what I'm mostly excited for in this moment? Adding yet another key to my collection.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Post Punk?

During the later years of my high school experience I became a punk. My friend said I was always that way, even when I liked Justin Timberlake more than anything else (eep!) I have always been a little rough around the edges, defiant and maybe, just maybe, a little bit mean. So finding music like The Distillers and A Global Threat was like water to my little duck feet. As I've gotten older, wiser and maybe a little bit nicer, I've expanded beyond being strictly punk rock. There is something about it that I so strongly identified with that I don't think I'll ever be able to shake those formative years. I still call myself a punk, which is perplexing to people as they judge my designer handbag and cutesy blog, but it's because I feel like I'll always be a punk, regardless if I choose to wear and listen to something else.

But of course when I'm decorating I immediately gravitate toward this punk rock state of mind. I love how rock and roll wheat pasted poster walls look. 

From: Ronn's Big Pile of Stuff: Why Paint When You Can Poster
Ronn's big pile of stuff was clearly mostly metal posters. Mine is clearly full of punk posters:

There is something kind of amazing to me how organic and raw it is build and layer poster on poster to get a collage that can only really be made with time. It takes years to get an awesome collection of show posters. I'm really looking forward to the space being something that can continue to grow.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wheat Paste Dreams

Sometimes I think I should have taken a different path in life. Would I be happier if I had gone to school for interior design instead of my wasted years as an audio engineer? I suppose I never look at it with regret but more fascination in the thought of a parallel life.

I love to decorate. I'm totally going to be that insane mother who cuts her kids sandwiches in heart shapes for Valentine's Day and shamrocks for St. Patty's. I'll totally have boxes of rotating knick knacks that I'll drag out for every holiday and non-holiday. Get used to it future fam! So when I found out that I'm finally getting some permanent office space my imagination immediately ran wild.

I have always wanted to wheat paste! Not being brave or criminal enough to put up my own street art, I'm more than excited to take over my new space with a street art, punk club style. Something that will fit in very well here at KEXP (have you seen our bathrooms?)

From Brooklyn a few years back..
So the biggest hiccup so far in this grandiose plan? We rent this space. Not only do we not own this space, but we're moving in a year or so. So how can I make something like a wheat pasted collage wall happen in what is essentially a temporary space? Enter tempaper!

Peel and stick wallpaper? HOW FANTASTIC! Tempaper is full of lovely designs which can range from reasonable to....well, out of my price range. For my project I was looking for the cheapest paper possible because I'm really only using it as a base to my wheat paste masterpiece. I ended up getting the paper pictured on a discount website. I'm not exactly in love the the somewhat female-anatomied print, but at $33 dollars for 56 square feet or so, it was by far the best price I found. Surprisingly though, the more I plan for what I want for the space the more excited I am that I got this particular print.

Inspiration, this:
Image from : Art Observer
I guess I can't make a post about street art without at least two Shepard Fairey examples, no? I really love the gold gradient happening on the left. The paper I got has copper accents and I kept brainstorming of ways I could make the whole thing less busy. Not that I have an issue with busy, clearly, but because the space is so small I don't want it to close in on itself with too much decoration. I'm thinking I will do something similar with a copper gradient, probably closer to the ceiling, just to make it more monotone the higher it goes up.

I should be moving in sometime in the next few weeks and will keep you up to date with all the minute-by-minute improvements (just kidding, I won't put you through that!) Hopefully this venture into the world of temporary wall paper will serve me well.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Office Space!

My year anniversary here at KEXP is coming up in March (on my birthday, to be exact!) If you've ever been to this wonderful place you probably noticed that we sit on each other a little bit. Most of the offices are crammed to brim, which leaves new hires like myself out in the hallway.

Team Hallway!
See what looks like an impossible hallway space to walk through behind us? Wrong. People walk through it still. It's safe to say that having your office in a hallway isn't ideal, but it's always been temporary. KEXP has some big moves on the horizon, including the biggest to Seattle Center in 2014.

Yep. 2014. One more year, oof!

Fortunately we've grown beyond-beyond capacity and we've had to annex a few departments to the Seattle Center Armory a little ahead of schedule. I say fortunately because that means team hallway is disbanding. In the next few weeks I will move into this spacious office:

Well you know....as spacious as it can be. I'll be in this far right corner where my new office-mate Andy currently sits. Andy will be moving closer to the window and this prime real estate of a corner will be mine for the choosing.

ball not included
I am beyond excited to decorate this space! I have some wheat paste dreams already in the works and I'll be updating as the process gets started.

Happy 2013 to me!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Fresh Start.

Gosh my life has been such a mess for the past two years. Out of the darkness, now I feel like I should dedicate this blog to the life I want. Moving forward. Get ready 2013, it's going to be a doozy!